Career Opportunities in Africa
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Frost & Sullivan has considerable experience on the continent of Africa and currently holds a celebrated office in Cape Town, South Africa.

If you are interested in joining our high-pace and fast-growing team, please apply online, specifying your particular interest and desired location.

Continuing demand for our services has supported our growth in the African region, and we now have a wide variety of career opportunities available in our African office location. With an office established in Cape Town, we offer a dynamic and thriving work environment and excellent career prospects.

Emerging markets in Africa:

The emerging markets in Africa are continuously changing, especially given that we are on the brink of many breakthroughs in the development of the region. Frost & Sullivan, with its venerable experience on the African continent, is and has been on the ground running, analyzing and adapting to the many fluctuations in these markets.

About Frost & Sullivan and our success:

Frost & Sullivan has been customizing our consulting services, including financial analysis, international comparative reports, employee training, and client value enhancement seminars for more than 45 years. Through our 1000+ analysts, global offices in more than 25 countries, and one of the largest, most comprehensive databases of research in the international market system, we have established ourselves at the top of our field in helping create innovative strategies to induce growth for our clients.

The main pillar of our success has been our perpetual ability to adapt with the constant fluctuation of the international market, always maintaining a presence one step ahead of the evolution of the global business spectrum. In order to achieve this we are constantly searching for new insights, new ideas, new approaches, and new excellence in our team of professionals.

We are always looking for new additions to our community, including business development executives, market research analysts, account managers, sales executives, and numerous other positions!

In exchange for your talent and services, we offer:

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Benefits
  • Special programs
  • A fast-paced, exciting work environment
  • Considerable potential for upward mobility!

In order to apply for our current career opportunities, simply submit your resume online along with a cover letter stating your goals, interests, and statement of purpose, and any inquiries.

Business Unit Leader - Energy & Environment; Automotive; Mining; Infrastructure, Location: Cape Town
Energy & Environment; Automotive; Mining; Infrastructure | Africa
Industry Analyst - Automotive & Transportation, Location: Cape Town
Industry Analyst - Automotive & Transportation | Africa
Internship Programme: Best Practices at Frost & Sullivan, Location: Mowbray, Cape Town
Internship Programme | Africa
Account Manager - Information and Communication Technology, Location: Cape Town
Account Manager - ICT | Africa
Research Analysts - Strategic Market Intelligence and Consulting Services, Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Research Analyst - All CBU's, Location: Cape Town
Research Analyst | Africa


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Frost & Sullivan is always looking to hire top talent.

If you are interested in joining our high pace and fast-growing team please apply online, specifying your particular interest and desired location.

We will review your resume to find the most attractive career path within our global organization.
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